Monday, November 8, 2010

Switched at Birth

 If I didn't somewhat resemble both my mother and father I would consider that

A. I'm Adopted
B. That the hospital accidentally switched up their babies.

I'm unlike anyone in my family. Well as far as the whole fashion obsession goes. I get my stubborn attitude from my Gramps. But that's a whole different post post :)

(Picture via my Blackberry)

But seriously, NO ONE in my family cares about fashion! Since I can remember I have been completely addicted to anything involving clothing, shoes and accessories. In high school I didn't play sports... I shopped. During class I didn't actually read a text book... I would hide the latest fashion magazine inside it. While kids my age were asking for Abercrombie I was purchasing Jimmy Choo's. I've always been different. And always will be.

My parents don't understand my college choices (I've been taking fashion courses since I've been out of High School). They totally think I go to school to learn how to dress myself. I'm being both serious and honest right now. They sure are proud (insert sarcasm here!). Nor do they understand my career choice. I own a children's boutique and I will soon be opening an accessory boutique. What's not to be proud of?

After writing blogs of several years I finally decided to create the one that follows my daily life in a small town. Around here I'm known for the way I dress... I get both criticism and compliments. But hey got to take the good with the bad! I think that it's completely rude when people think I'm over dressed for the super market. Excuse me for not living the cookie cutter life everyone wants me to and being a t-shirt & jeans type of girl. There's no crime in always looking fabulous.

Words of Wisdom I live by: I was born to shop but forced to work


P.S. I hope that you decided to follow me on my journey as I attempt to live a Glamorous Life in this Small Towne. I have several exciting events, projects and Glamorous tips to share with you!


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