Monday, November 22, 2010

Project Re-Decoration

My spare bedroom has been empty since my bestie moved to Los Angeles in early 2009. After months of using it as a storage room (for all the stuff I wanted to hide from unexpected company), I have decided to officially turn it into my home office/ 2nd walk-in closet. It’s true I need an entire bedroom plus both of the large closets in my town house to accommodate all of my shoes, accessories, jewelry and clothing.
I am currently searching for inspiration on my favorite home décor websites and through the pages of Elle Décor and countless other interior design magazines.
Here are a few inspirational photos from my binder of home décor ideas that I’ve collected over the years:

After looking at home décor and design ideas for countless hours… I’m now wanting to re-decorate my entire home.  What started as a simple task may have just become a huge and expensive project.

(All Photos are from Magazine clippings and photos I’ve added to my inspiration fold over the last few years)
For more Home Decor Inspiration check out one of my favorite blogs La Dolce Vita

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